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Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar: Summer

Young Wren recently fledged

Summer in Ireland means long days, with sunny periods (sometimes quite lengthy ones) interspersed with showers and longer bouts of rain. Temperatures begin to rise in early summer, and the Irish countryside comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colourful wildflowers and the industrious hum of pollinating insects. It’s a fantastic….

Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar: May

A razorbill coming back to its nest on an Irish cliff

Watching Wildlife in May May is a month when spring should be well under way — although it’s still unpredictable. We’re on the cusp of summer, and days are lengthening, but they can also be unseasonably cold and wet. Resident birds and animals are getting on with the business of….

Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar: April

Atlantic Puffin by Mark Carmody

In this first of a new series we’ll be exploring Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar… looking at the wildlife events and milestones that occur each month on and around the Island of Ireland. Over time we hope they’ll grow into a valuable monthly reference to Ireland’s wildlife year. Enjoy… and let us….