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About Ireland’s Wildlife

A humpback whale off the coast of West Cork, IrelandIreland’s Wildlife is an online resource and community for everyone interested in the wilder side of Ireland.

It started life as a page on Facebook in 2009 – and you’ll find a very active Ireland’s Wildlife community there, sharing anything and everything about Ireland’s wonderful wildlife and wild places.

The website has been pending since then… but is finally ready to release into the wild. The vision: to offer an Irish wildlife hub with convenient access to Irish wildlife information, resources and news.

What’s on the Ireland’s Wildlife site?

Here’s a run-down of what you’ll find on the site.

Male mallards engage in a bit of synchronised swimmingIrish Species Profiles

At the core of the site is a series of articles profiling Irish wildlife species. I originally wrote these profiles for the back page of the national Irish Magazine, Ireland’s Own, and will keep adding further profiles on a regular basis.

Irish Wildlife News

The news section will offer summaries of wildlife related news from Ireland and international wildlife news that has an impact on Irish wildlife or is of interest to an Irish audience.

The Ireland’s Wildlife Blog

The blog will offer an eclectic mix of wildlife writing including articles, reviews, wildlife experiences, interviews, how-tos and more from a variety of contributors.

A word about Ireland’s Wildlife Advertising

We made a conscious decision early in the development of Ireland’s Wildlife that we’d like to keep it as independent and as “free” from external influences as possible. We’ve developed the site through dedication and hard work using our own resources, without funding or help from external organisations or bodies.

That means we’re free to write about what we feel is most appropriate, and develop the site and its content without having to jump through other people’s hoops or meet other people’s criteria. We think that’s important.

But running a site like Ireland’s Wildlife takes time, energy and resources, so in an effort to make the site pay its own way, and to allow us to dedicate time to maintaining and enhancing it, we’ve decided to introduce advertising for relevant, wildlife related products, services and brands on the site.

Ads will ALWAYS be secondary to content, and will be limited to locations that don’t interfere with the flow of the content.

If you run an Irish wildlife business you feel Ireland’s Wildlife readers might be interested in take a look at our advertising page for more details of the wildlife advertising opportunities on offer.

Who’s behind Ireland’s Wildlife

Wildlife blogger and online content specialist Calvin Jones

The Ireland’s Wildlife website was created and is run by me, Calvin Jones. I’m a lifelong wildlife enthusiast, freelance writer and author based in beautiful West Cork.

When I’m not advising business clients about their online marketing and web content, or working on yet another writing project, I love nothing better than getting face to face with Ireland’s wonderful natural heritage.

From exploring the back garden with the kids, to sea-watching for cetaceans from one of West Cork’s headlands… nature never ceases to amaze, inspire and delight me.

Drop me a line with your suggestions, wildlife stories, ideas and feedback. I’d love to hear from you.