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Disclosure Statement

This disclosure statement is to ensure that you, the reader, are fully aware that Ireland’s Wildlife is a completely independent, privately run information resource. We spend significant time and energy maintaining, updating and enhancing the website, and in order to make that viable on an ongoing basis we employ various avenues to ensure the site pays its own way.

  1. We accept advertising from relevant brands with products we feel are of genuine interest to our readers (you’ll see some of them in the sidebar and the header). 
  2. We use contextual served ads from services like Google Adwords for which we receive a nominal fee when visitors click on the ad.
  3. We also use affiliate advertising from providers like Amazon and others to deliver relevant advertising on the site. For affiliate ads we receive a small commission if a visitor clicks through to the vendor’s website and subsequently makes a purchase.
  4. Often (but not always) when we link to a product or brand from within an article or review on the website we will use an affiliate link. All this means is that if you then go on to buy a product from that vendor we receive a small commission on the sale.
  5. Product vendors submit items for review on the website from time to time. We review these objectively and independently. For smaller / less expensive items vendors typically don’t expect samples to be returned. For more substantial items (like optics, for example) vendors typically arrange for collection of samples, at their expense,  post review. Occasionally vendors elect not to collect review products — in which case we keep them as demo models for our wildlife weekends, use them as competition prizes,  donate them to local wildlife charities or sell them as ex-demo / review samples.

We are always looking for ways to expand the scope of relevant wildlife related content we can add to the site. Part of that process is trying to generate revenue to fund content creation, add special features and projects and make the site an even better wildlife resource for you… the reader.