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Smart technology reveals new gull behaviour


Attaching sensors to animals in order to study their movements and record aspects of their behaviour has become commonplace over recent years. However, because they need to be lightweight, these automated bio-loggers typically have limited battery capacity. That’s a challenge, particularly when you want to use power-hungry data collection methods….

Nature Alert: make your voice heard in the EU review of conservation legislation

NatureAlert Protect EU Conservation Legislation

The European Commission is currently reviewing EU legislation as part of a Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) — and vital EU conservation laws like the Birds Directive and The Habitats Directive are coming under scrutiny as part of that process. NGOs across the EU are concerned that this review could potentially lead….

Wakatobi Flowerpecker — new bird discovered by Irish scientists

Wakatobi Flowerpecker Plumage Types

A team of scientists from Trinity College Dublin has discovered a new bird species on the Tukangbesi Islands off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesian. Dubbed the Wakatobi Flowerpecker (Wakatobi is an acronym derived from the names of the four main islands in the Tukangbesi chain, Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko) the Irish scientist demonstrated that the bird….

Tiny bat makes incredible migration across the North Sea

Nathusius pippistrelle

New evidence from the UK has proved that tiny bats can and do cross the sea from Britain to mainland Europe. A thumb-sized Nathusius pipistrelle originally ringed in the UK has been recovered dead almost 600km away by bat researchers in the Netherlands. Because these tiny bats, which weigh just 6-15….

Irish DNA analysis confirms first Welsh pine marten record in 40 years

DNA analysis carried out at Waterford Institute of Technology has confirmed unequivocally that a dead pine marten found by the roadside near Newtown in Mid Wales is a native British animal… the first to be recovered in Wales since 1971. “The significance of this find cannot be overstated,” said Natalie….

Wildlife Photographer of the Year results announced

Squabbling Jays by Finnish 9-year-old Liina Heikkinen, runner up in the Under 10s category

The results of the prestigious Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition were announced during the week. First prize went to Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen who braved the frigid waters of Antarctica and hunting leopard seals to capture this sensational shot of Emperor Penguins returning to the ice to feed their….

Winners of British Wildlife Photography Awards announced

“Gannet Jacuzzi” by British Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012, Dr Matt Doggett

“Gannet Jacuzzi” — Overall winner of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 As we wait with bated breath for the results of the “Irish Wildlife Photography Award 2012”, run by the Irish Wildlilfe Trust, results of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 were announced yesterday, complete with a stunning  portfolio….

UK Wildlife Presenter Terry Nutkins dies aged 66

Wildlife Presenter Terry Nutkins Dies of Leukaemia Aged 66

Terry Nutkins, the well known British wildlife TV presenter who brought some of the UK’s most iconic nature television to a generation of children, has died at the age of 66. Nutkins was perhaps best known for shows like “Animal Magic” and “The Really Wild Show”, which he anchored alongside….

Irish produced wildlife television nominated for two Emmy awards

Broken Tail

Dublin wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford Johnson’s tale of the journey of a wandering tiger across the Indian sub-continent has been nominated for two Emmy awards in the prestigious National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the USA. The Crossing the Line documentary “Broken Tail”, follows Stafford Johnson’s quest as he….

“Flap-running” offers insight into evolution of flight

Researchers in the USA believe that the ungainly practice of “flap-running” employed by many birds as they climb a steep incline could represent a key step in the evolution of flight. Biologists at The University of Montana’s “Flight Lab” conducted a series of experiments with domestic pigeons. The study, published….

2 pilot whales dead in South Uist; main group moves to deeper water

Marine mammal rescuers in the Hebrides have confirmed the death of 2 long finned pilot whales at Loch Carnan, South Uist. The whales were part of a large group of around 60 whales that prompted fears of a mass stranding in the loch late last week. The main pod now….