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Kite Optics

Kite SP65 17-50x Spotting Scope Review

Pros: Detailed, bright image for a smaller scope, which stays sharp right to the edge of the field of view. Dual focus knobs make for quick and accurate focusing at any magnification. Robust aluminium body is lightweight yet feels as if it’s made to last. Compact contemporary design. Unusual 17-50x….

Kite Caiman 8×42 Binocular Review

Kite Caiman Review

Pros: Solid entry-level binocular that’s comfortable and easy to use. Light, yet robust, this is an easy to handle binocular with good all-round ergonomics. Optically it delivers an impressively bright, sharp image across most of the wide field of view. Neutral colour balance, great contrast and minimal chromatic aberration. Cons: Slight….

Kite Lynx HD 8×30 binocular review

Pros: Super compact and convenient, with great build quality. Exceptionally wide field of view and large central “sweet spot” give that elusive sense of immersion that marks a great binocular. Very bright, pin sharp image with excellent colour fidelity and contrast, surprisingly good low light performance considering the small objective lenses. Superb close….