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Woodstone® Seville 28mm Nest box Review

Pros: Innovative design using robust high-insulating material. Easy access for cleaning. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and designs. 10 year guarantee. Cons: A little on the heavy side… although once in situ that’s not really an issue and the weight actually makes the box more stable. Not….

Garden Bird Nestbox Resources

Blue tit approaching a nest box

After feeding our garden birds, the next best way we can help them is to provide them with safe sites to nest and bring up their young. On this page we’ve gathered some links and resources to help you provide nest boxes for your garden birds. Why provide nest-boxes for….

Giving birds a leg up on the property ladder

Round ones, square ones, big ones, small ones, wooden ones… even ones made from recycled election posters: nest boxes, just like the birds that use them, come in all shapes and sizes. They’re a great wildlife win-win — giving birds a safe, secure place to raise their young, and giving….