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Young White-tailed Eagle found dead in Co. Kerry

White-tailed Eagle Found Dead in Kerry

Eddie, the White-tailed Eagle chick who made headlines in 2016 when he became the first wild-fledged eagle to take to the skies of County Cork in more than 100 years, was found dead on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry in June. According to reports from The Golden Eagle Trust/National….

Birdwatch Ireland responds to Cllr.’s “Open Season on Hen Harrier” remarks

Female Hen Harrier

Ireland’s largest conservation charity, Birdwatch Ireland, has responded strongly to recent comments by Limerick Co. Councillor John Sheahan calling for an “Open Season” on the protected hen harrier — one of most threatened birds. “Cllr. Sheahan’s ill-informed and short-sighted statement shows how far we have to travel as a state….

Peregrine falcons shot in Co. Tipperary

Female peregrine found dead in Tipperary

Peregrine falcons nesting in south Tipperary have been deliberately shot in a spate of attacks over recent weeks according to a report from Bridwatch Ireland. The birds, two of which died and one which sustained permanent injury, are believed to have been shot in three separate incidents. The body of….

Decapitated seals found at Kerry Seal Sanctuary

Two decapitated seal heads were found pinned to boards on the premises of the Dingle Seal Sanctuary in Co. Kerry this morning. Volunteers at the Sanctuary made the gruesome discover shortly after 9am this morning. The young seals’ decapitated heads had been mounted on boards and fixed to the sanctuary’s….