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The hidden life of rivers

Earlier this year, in the midst of lockdown, Ireland’s Wildlife Contributor Albert Nolan took his children to a river near his home to explore its hidden wildlife. We took the short trip to Toorenbrien Bridge, careful not to stray over our allotted 2km lockdown radius. Here there is a large….

“Be Planet Positive!” Tree Council of Ireland urges Irish Primary Schools

The Tree Council of Ireland, supported by Tetra Pak, is calling on primary schools across the country to get involved in Tetra Pak Tree Day and plant a tree on Thursday, 3rd October 2019. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Be Planet Positive!”, with a focus on the things that primary school children….

Be “Nature Nice” this Tree Day!

National Tree Day 2018

The Tree Council of Ireland, supported by Tetra Pak, is inviting primary school children across the country to get involved in Tetra Pak Tree Day on Thursday 4th October 2018. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Be nature nice! or Bí dóighiúil don dúlra!” Tetra Pak Tree Day gives children, teachers and parents….

Eagles, orchids, seals and exploring nature with children… what’s not to love?

wildlife advertising promotion Ireland

As a heritage specialist with the wonderful Heritage in Schools scheme I get to visit some fabulous schools in some amazing places. One of the most interesting recent visits was to the school on Bere Island off Castletownbere in West Cork. As always it was a privilege to talk to the children….

Wildlife Projects for Tidy Towns

Early flowers provide vital food for pollinators

Ireland’s Wildlife contributor Albert Nolan urges communities to champion wildlife as part of the nationwide Tidy Towns initiative.   Spring had forgotten about our part of the world as a chilling wind greeted us in the morning. Bags and pickers were quickly shared out and everyone was glad to start walking and get the….

Book Review: Narture — nature / art manual for primary schools


When it comes to conservation there’s nothing more important than encouraging young children to connect and engage with the natural world around them. Children have an innate curiosity for nature that makes them open to exploring its secrets — but that connection doesn’t last long. Unless we nurture that spark of interest….

Moths: from the classroom to the garden

Regular contributor Albert Nolan introduces some school children to the wonderful world of Irish moths, and explores some of the other wildlife that makes the most of his mothing endeavours.   I clasped my hands awkwardly while the students recited their morning prayers. As the words echoed around the classroom….

Cork school children contribute to international godwit study

Under the banner of Operation Godwit an international team of scientists has been studying the Icelandic black-tailed godwit since the 1990s. Unique combinations of colour rings placed on the birds’ legs on their breeding grounds in Iceland and on their wintering grounds in Western Europe allow individual birds to be….