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Watching Whales, Dolphins and Basking Sharks

A brace of fin whales on the surface with the West Cork coast in the background

Two of our most popular articles here on Ireland’s Wildlife are features on How to Watch Basking Sharks and How to Watch Whales and Dolphins. Ireland’s marine wildlife is showcasing in an incredible two-part documentary, “Ireland’s Deep Atlantic”, at the moment as part of RTÉ’s Our Wild Island series of programmes….

Sharks are back!

Basking Shark by AndrewPower

Great news for wildlife enthusiasts — sharks are back off the Irish coast. Basking sharks, the world’s second largest shark species, return to Irish shores every year around the same times as swallows.  Early sightings of these less well known but much larger harbingers of spring trickled in at the end of March from….

Children’s competition to name Irish sharks

Can you think of a suitable name for an Irish shark? If you’re under 14, and into art and sharks then the Irish Elasmobranch Group (IEG) needs your help. The group is looking for catchy and memorable names for five satellite tagged porbeagle sharks (Lamna nasus) currently cruising the north….