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Ireland’s Wildlife: Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris)

Fieldfare -- a common winter visitor to Ireland

The fieldfare is a large, attractive thrush that is a widespread and abundant winter visitor to these shores. Most of the birds that overwinter here originate in Scandinavia and the number of birds and the time of their arrival varies from year to year depending on the severity of the….

Know your Winter Thrushes: Fieldfare and Redwing ID from the BTO

Redwing by Alistair Prentice via Flickr

Every winter our resident blackbirds, song thrushes and mistle thrushes are joined by an influx of visiting northern European thrushes: fieldfare and redwing. The birds usually start to arrive from late September / early October, and stay until early March… with some lingering a little later. Redwing are songthrush sized,….

Blackbird (Turdus merula)

The blackbird is a ubiquitous bird of Irish parks and gardens, and is a common sight everywhere from the heart of our largest cities to the remotest rural setting. Originally a woodland bird the blackbird now exploits the wide variety of habitats presented to it by people. The species does….