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12 Expert tips on choosing binoculars for birding and wildlife observation

Choosing the right binocular

Binoculars are perhaps your most indispensable piece of wildlife watching equipment. The right pair of binoculars can enhance your enjoyment of and engagement with the natural world exponentially. But choosing binoculars for birding and wildlife watching can be a tricky proposition. At Ireland’s Wildlife we get to try a wide range….

How to see more wildlife

Guided wildlife watching

There’s something a little bit special about a wildlife encounter. It taps into a childlike sense of wonder that all too often remains hidden beneath our sensible adult facade. For a brief moment we’re transported to a simpler, more natural world, and reminded of how we fit into it. It’s….

Choosing Binoculars for Wildlife and Travel

Choosing the right optics can enhance your wildlife watching exponentially… but it can also be a tricky thing to get right. Here Jason Whitehead, who runs the excellent Best Binocular Reviews website gives us his top tips for picking the perfect binocular for wildlife and travel [IW] I travel quite….

Top 10 Tips for Eco Tourists from the IUCN

An orangutan in the wildlife.

With summer only around the corner, and the popularity of eco-tourism on the rise, many of us will be looking at to consolidate our love of nature with our annual holiday this year. With that in mind The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has released a set….