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Guided wildlife watching

There’s something a little bit special about a wildlife encounter. It taps into a childlike sense of wonder that all too often remains hidden beneath our sensible adult facade. For a brief moment we’re transported to a simpler, more natural world, and reminded of how we fit into it. It’s….

Last chance to join us on a weekend wildlife extravaganza in West Cork

Were in the final stages of preparation for our Spring 2015 Discover Wildlife Weeekend which runs from the evening of Friday 08 May to lunchtime on Sunday 10 May 2015 at the Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery, Co. Cork. You can still join us Great news! We still have a few spaces available on….

Otters: a breathtaking wildlife experience

Flooded quarry

It was a day that I should have spent in the office working… but the forecast for the rest of the week was bad. This was the only weather window to get out around my local patch. Decision made I grabbed my binoculars and headed out. You never really know….

Wildlife, whatever the weather

Satellite Weather Map Ireland

Looking at weather maps lately has been a depressing affair. Ireland has been permanently obscured beneath a swirling, seething mass of rain and wind, and as usual our little patch of the south west coast seems to be getting more than its fair share of the onslaught. Yesterday was a….

Watching the wild deer of Wicklow

Watching deer in Ireland takes patience and practice

With the Autumn deer rut in full swing Environmental Biologist David O’Brien takes us on a journey into the hills of county Wicklow in search of wild deer, and offers advice on how to watch these shy and elusive animals [CJ]. Now that we are in the middle of the….

Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar: May

A razorbill coming back to its nest on an Irish cliff

Watching Wildlife in May May is a month when spring should be well under way — although it’s still unpredictable. We’re on the cusp of summer, and days are lengthening, but they can also be unseasonably cold and wet. Resident birds and animals are getting on with the business of….

Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar: April

Atlantic Puffin by Mark Carmody

In this first of a new series we’ll be exploring Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar… looking at the wildlife events and milestones that occur each month on and around the Island of Ireland. Over time we hope they’ll grow into a valuable monthly reference to Ireland’s wildlife year. Enjoy… and let us….

Join us for a spring wildlife extravaganza this April

Little Egret

One of the most appealing things about nature is that you never really know what to expect. Every time you venture outdoors there’s a sense of heightened anticipation as you wonder what you might encounter. In Ireland at least that sense of the unknown tends to include the weather. This….

Don’t just look up: look everywhere!

“Look up!” is the catch phrase coined by celebrity UK birder David Lindo, the self-styled “Urban Birder”, and it is, by and large, pretty sound advice. If you find yourself wandering the city streets with time to kill, glancing periodically above your head can reveal some truly remarkable things. David….