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8x Binoculars

Swarovski Optik NL Pure 10×32 Binocular Review

A person reviewing the Swarovski Optik NL Pure 10x32 binoculars.

Pros: Fantastic edge-to-edge image quality, sublime ergonomics, great low-light performance and a field of view to rival many 8x binoculars, coupled with outstanding build quality — the NL Pure 10×32 is an exceptional binocular up there with the very best. Cons: While they are svelte, the barrels on the NL Pure are….

Vanguard VEO HD 2 8×42 Binocular Review

Vanguard VEO HD Birding and Wildlife Binocular

Pros: High quality optics that deliver premium features and a high-performance viewing experience at a reasonable price point. Sharp, contrasty image impresses in a range of challenging viewing conditions. Bright, vivid colours that make the image “pop”. Cons: Twist up eyecups are plastic, rather than metal, Vanguard Warranty dropped from….

Hawke Frontier HDX 8×32 Binocular Review

Hawke Frontier HDX 8x32 Highly Recommended by Ireland's Wildlife

Pros: Outstanding build quality, excellent optics and superb ergonomics in a very affordable package. Image is crisp, bright and clear in the centre of the field, with plenty of detail and good contrast. Cons: Softening around the field edges is noticeable when panning with a moving subject or scanning a….

Hawke Frontier EDX 8×42 Binocular Review

Hawke Frontier EDX 8x42 Binocular Review

Pros: Superb image quality and premium build quality deliver excellent all-around performance. Contemporary design looks great, is ergonomic, lightweight and a delight to carry and use for extended periods in the field. Top notch accessories complete the package. Cons: Minor observations rather than real “cons” — lack of thumb indents….

Binocular Review: Eschenbach Trophy D 8×42 ED


Pros: Bright, high contrast image with excellent detail and vivid colours. Wide field of view. High quality materials throughout give a robust, premium feel. Cons: Design makes for curious ergonomics. While It could be argued that the angular shaping of the rubber armour helps grip, it feels odd, and smacks more of….

Hawke Endurance ED 8×32 Binocular Review

Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 Binocular Review

Pros: Bright, high contrast views with natural looking colours and excellent fine detail even at lower light levels. Impressively lightweight, yet still feel extremely robust. Packed with high-end features at a price that represents exceptional value. Cons: None worth noting. Price: Listed in the Birdwatch Ireland Shop for €230, RRP on the Hawke UK website is GB£169.99 (c. €215)…..

Vanguard Endeavor EDII 8×42 binocular review

Win a pair of top-quality Vanguard binoculars

Pros: Superb build quality, excellent balance and high quality materials give a premium feel. excellent optics deliver a pin sharp, high contrast image right to the edge of the field. View appears almost flat… with very little field curvature. Good close focus performance. Practically no colour fringing (chromatic aberration). Cons: Focus mechanism a little….

Endeavor EDII: Vanguard launches new flagship binocular

Using the Vanguard Endeavor EDII

Vanguard is bolstering its range of high-performance sports optics with a new flagship binocular model. The Vanguard Endeavor EDII is an upgrade to the Chinese manufacturer’s already impressive Endeavor ED. On the face of things the EDII looks very similar to its sibling, but utilises premium optical components that promise to deliver even better….

Competition: Win a pair of Minox BL 8×44 HD Binoculars

It’s competition time again here on Ireland’s Wildlife — and this time we’re giving you the chance to win a fabulous pair of German-made Minox BL 8×44 HD binoculars worth an amazing €635. You can read our full review of this excellent binocular here. For your chance to win this….

Minox BL 8×44 HD Binocular Review

Pros: a good looking pair of binoculars with excellent build quality and superb optical performance. Very bright, crystal-clear view with plenty of fine detail, wide field of view with large central sweet spot and minimal edge softening. Good colour and contrast. Very good low-light performance. Cons: accessories could be a bit better. Strap and case perhaps….

New Minox BL HD binoculars now available — and you could win a pair!


The new BL-HD line of high performance binoculars from German manufacturer Minox are now available in Ireland and the UK.   With 8×33, 10×44, 8×44, 10×52 and 8×52 options in the range, there should be a binocular to suit practically everybody. The range has been redesigned to offer cutting edge HD optical performance in a German-made binocular, but….

Minox BV 8×25 BRW Binocular Review

Minox BV 8x25 and case

Pros: very compact design that feels solid and well made. Lightweight and easy to carry and transport. Quite bright for a compact, with good all-round image quality. Large focus wheel for a compact and good quality twist up eye cups make these very comfortable in use. They feel like a….