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Humpback whale photo-bombs Dublin couple’s holiday snap

Photobombing Humpback

When it comes to the stars of the wildlife world humpback whales are definite A-listers, and like all stars they occasionally steal the limelight. This priceless moment, captured on a whale-watching trip off Hervey Bay in Australia, shows the moment a humpback spectacularly photo-bombed a Dublin couple’s holiday snap. Seeing a whale….

Australia’s “Top End”: a wetland wildlife wonderland

Azure Kingfisher, NT Australia

Awe, tempered with a healthy dose of apprehension. That’s the only way to describe a close encounter with a large saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). Saltwater or estuarine crocodiles, or plain old “Salties” as they’re called in local vernacular, are the largest reptile species on earth, with males routinely exceeding 4 metres in length, and some specimens reaching….

Thrombolites: Lake Clifton’s living fossils

Thrombolites, Lake Clifton

Thrombolites are amazing structures. Along with their close relatives stromatolites, these ancient bacterial colonies are ancestors of the very first life forms to exist on earth, and the hard calcareous deposits created by these colonies are bizarre. It’s actually quite humbling to stand alongside these living relics. These thrombolites are on the….

Koalas: the cute and cuddly face of Aussie wildlife (but only when they’re asleep)

We’d been in Australia for a fortnight. While we’d seen some amazing wildlife, including kangaroos, dolphins and some amazing bird life, the closest we’d come to seeing a koala was the cuddly toys at the local souvenir shop. That’s hardly surprising — because its an east coast species that doesn’t occur in Western….

Ireland’s Wildlife On Tour #IWOnTour

Galah at Silver Sands Beach, Mandurah, WA

Well we’re certainly not in Ireland any more! Greetings from Mandurah, just south of Perth in Western Australia… and the starting point of our epic #IWOnTour journey around Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. Over the next four months or so we’ll be bringing you regular updates of the amazing wildlife….