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How Planting a Wildflower Bed Can Boost Local Wildlife

Over the past hundred years or so, as farming practices have changed and urban sprawl has extended, the number of areas of wild grasses and wildflowers in Ireland and the UK has significantly dropped. Some organisations state that the loss of ‘unimproved grasslands’ is as high as 99% in Ireland….

Irish wildflower favourites

Yellow Toadflax

Early summer sees our wildflowers resplendent and is a great time of year to search for a wide range of species blooming in our meadows, verges and woodland. Here, guest contributor Rosie Jones (no relation) shares a few of her favourites (CJ). I’ve always loved learning about wildflowers, vibrant and….

Wildlife Projects for Tidy Towns

Early flowers provide vital food for pollinators

Ireland’s Wildlife contributor Albert Nolan urges communities to champion wildlife as part of the nationwide Tidy Towns initiative.   Spring had forgotten about our part of the world as a chilling wind greeted us in the morning. Bags and pickers were quickly shared out and everyone was glad to start walking and get the….

Secrets of the Sycamore

A Sycamore Tree

“So that’s what my breath looks like!” exclaimed my young daughter as we walked up to school on a cold and frosty morning. They had been busy breathing in deep lungfuls of the autumn air and watching excitedly as it escaped through their cupped hands. The novelty had long worn….

Choosing Binoculars for Wildlife and Travel

Choosing the right optics can enhance your wildlife watching exponentially… but it can also be a tricky thing to get right. Here Jason Whitehead, who runs the excellent Best Binocular Reviews website gives us his top tips for picking the perfect binocular for wildlife and travel [IW] I travel quite….