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Lunge-feeding Fin Whale caught on camera by drone

Fin Whale Aerial Shot

On a trip with West Cork based whale watching operator Cork Whale Watch last week, drone pilot and Ocean Research & Conservation Ireland (ORCIreland) Observer Greg Coleman captured some astonishing aerial footage of a gigantic Fin Whale lunge feeding through bait balls created by Short-beaked Common Dolphins (see the ORCIreland….

Update: Ireland’s Wild South Coast offer extended

Humpback Whale, West Cork, Ireland

Doing some admin on the Ireland’s Wildlife Tours website today I noticed an issue with the SSL certificate renewal. That means that some of you may have seen a security warning when trying to access the site. The issue has been resolved so if you visit the site now you should….

First basking sharks and humpback whales of the year off Ireland’s south coast

Ireland’s wild south coast scored a “double whammy” in the marine megafauna stakes over the last week, with records of the first basking sharks and humpback whales of the 2018 season off the coasts of Kerry and West Cork respectively. According to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, which coordinates sightings….