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Book Review: Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe

Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe

The Odonata, dragonflies and damselflies, is one of our most fascinating groups of insects. As adults, they’re comparatively large and highly active, which makes them one of the most noticeable and easiest insect groups to watch. From spring, through summer into autumn, dragonflies and damselflies are on my radar whenever….

New book celebrates Ireland’s wildlife

The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume Two is the latest in a series of books featuring work by West Cork based nature writer Calvin Jones, founder of Ireland’s Wildlife ( Like it’s predecessor, “The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume Two”  features articles, species profiles and features that put the spotlight firmly on….

Book Review: The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife Through the Seasons

The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife Through The Seasons by Juanita Browne

When it comes to conservation there is nothing more important than reconnecting our children with the natural world around them. Young children are fascinated by living things and have an innate curiosity about the animals, plants and other organisms they share the world with. I see it all the time when I visit….

Book Review: Chris Packham’s “Back Garden Nature Reserve” and “Wild Side of Town”

Urban and Garden Wildlife with Chris Packham

I’m sitting writing this in my in-law’s house in Cork City, up with the family from rural West Cork to do a spot of Christmas shopping and soak up the festive atmosphere. But as always, I’ll be keeping an eye and ear tuned for wildlife while in town. Cities offer a….

Book Review: The Complete Naturalist

The Complete Naturalist Book Review

When I was a youngster I was forever outdoors exploring all the nooks and crannies and marvelling at the wild world that unfolded before my eyes, ears and nose. In the garden, down the woods, at the beach, along the riverbank — there was a never-ending world to explore, literally….

Book Review: The Wildflowers of Ireland — A Field Guide

Bee Orchid

Plants are the cornerstone of our biodiversity — the foundation on which all of our wildlife depends. They form the vital link between the sun’s energy and almost all life on earth. Yet so often we don’t give them the attention they deserve. Birds, mammals and our larger, more dynamic invertebrates tend to hog….

Book Review: Narture — nature / art manual for primary schools


When it comes to conservation there’s nothing more important than encouraging young children to connect and engage with the natural world around them. Children have an innate curiosity for nature that makes them open to exploring its secrets — but that connection doesn’t last long. Unless we nurture that spark of interest….

Book Review: Tracks and Signs of the Animals and Birds of Britain and Europe

Animal Tracks & Signs

There are no two ways about it, a lot of our wildlife is incredibly tricky to see. You can get lucky, of course. Occasionally birds, and even mammals, lizards or amphibians, will appear out of nowhere, seemingly oblivious to your presence as you marvel them in close proximity. These are,….