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Sofirn SC31 Pro LED Torch Review

200m throw SC31Pro from Sofirn

Pros: High-performance compact rechargeable LED torch. Variable light output and versatile functions. Convenient integrated USB C charging of 18650 Lithium Ion battery (included). Cons: Can get hot in Turbo mode. “Anduril” user interface can be a bit of a handful to access more advanced features. The Sofirn SC31 Pro is….

Doogee S96 Pro: an ideal rugged smartphone for outdoor enthusiasts

Doogee S96Pro Rugged Smartphone Review

Pros: great spec, performance and battery life for the money in a phone that’s built to survive more extreme conditions than you can. The Doogee S96 Pro will take all the punishment you throw at it and emerge unscathed, offering surprising peace of mind. Cons: screen resolution lower than most….

Sofirn IF25A LED Torch Review

The scary Anduril UI flowchart

Pros: Super bright and compact. Massive versatility in light output and functions. Extremely lightweight and portable for a light this powerful. Great battery life. USB C in body charging for the included 21700 Lithium Ion battery. Cons: Heats up quickly at highest output level (built in thermoregulation safety feature kicks….

New wildlife ID tech announced by Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik, one of the upper-echelon brands for birding and wildlife optics, is branching out into the tech world with the release of in intriguing new piece of high-tech kit. The new dG (Digital Guide) pairs cutting-edge optics with digital camera technology, integrated WiFi and automated digital identification apps for….

XP Pen Deco 03 Graphics Tablet Review

XP-Pen Deco 03 Tablet Review

A graphics tablet may seem like an odd thing to be reviewing on a wildlife and nature site, but in today’s increasingly connected online world the content we create plays an incredibly important role in helping us reach and engage with more people. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer, artist or….