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Sharks are back!

Basking Shark by AndrewPower

Great news for wildlife enthusiasts — sharks are back off the Irish coast. Basking sharks, the world’s second largest shark species, return to Irish shores every year around the same times as swallows.  Early sightings of these less well known but much larger harbingers of spring trickled in at the end of March from….

Irish white-tailed eagles hatch chicks in four counties

White tailed eagle chick mountshannon

The Irish white-tailed eagle reintroduction project has received a much-needed boost with news that five pairs, spanning four Irish counties, now have chicks in the nest. According to a press release issued by the Golden Eagle Trust, of the eight pairs that attempted to breed this year, eagle chicks have now….

New responsible tourism initiative for The Burren

Limestone Pavement, The Burren, Co. Clare

The Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark has teamed up with Leave No Trace Ireland to promote responsible outdoor recreation at the iconic tourist hot spots on Ireland’s west coast. A graffiti incident at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare earlier this year is a stark example of the kind….

Bats reprieved as minister intervenes in Clare County Council zoning fiasco

The internationally protected Lesser Horseshoe Bat has been granted a reprieve in County Clare after Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan, intervened in a controversial council zoning decision. Reports indicate that the Minister took the unprecedented move of issuing a “notice of intent” directing the council to….

Nature doesn’t get any wilder than this… and it was filmed in Ireland

Cornish surfer Mickey Smith hit national television in the UK last week when his short film Dark Side of the Lens featured on the incredibly popular Springwatch series. It struck me straight away that a lot of the coastline looked like the Atlantic coast of Ireland – and I found….