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Oak Processionary Moth confirmed in Ireland

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine confirmed earlier this week that colonies of the invasive Oak Processionary Moth (Thaumetopoea processionea) had been discovered on four oak trees in a Dublin housing estate. The caterpillars and the trees have been destroyed in an attempt to eradicate the pest before….

Non-native dormouse found in Co. Kildare

Non-native Hazel Dormouse found in County Kildare, Ireland

A hazel or common dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) has been discovered in Co. Kildare. The small rodent was found by a woman as she cleaned out a treehouse, and is the first of its kind ever to be caught in the wild in Ireland.  Hazel dormice have a body length of….

Ireland’s nature and biodiversity featuring invasive alien

Earlier today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the fifth of their four-yearly State of the Environment reports “Ireland’s Environment 2012: An Assessment”. I read the press release, scanned through the main points with interest, and went straight for my main area of interest, Chapter 6, Nature and Biodiversity… I….

Irish wild boars not an invasive species says IWT

The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) has hit out at Invasive Species Ireland for the classification of the once native wild boar (Sus scrofa) as an official invasive species here. The move comes on the back of a number of sightings of boar around Ireland over recent years – most recently….

Invasive Species Ireland: Protecting Ireland’s Biodiversity

Site of the week is a new weekly feature highlighting an Irish website dedicated to wildlife, nature or conservation. This week the featured site is Invasive Species Ireland – which works to highlight the threat posed to our wildlife by introduced invasive species. The introduction of non-native plant and animal….

County Cork Raccoon sighting prompts invasive species alert

A report in today’s Irish times reveals that state wildlife authorities have issued an invasive species alert after a raccoon was spotted in a garden in Balyvourney in County Cork on Easter Monday. In a flurry of what can only be described as “over-enthusiastic” reporting the article cites that Raccoons,….