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Irish eagle numbers boosted

Irish White Tailed Eagle Population Boost

Ten new White-tailed Eagle chicks arrived in Ireland from Norway last week to bolster population numbers as Phase II of the ongoing White-tailed Eagle reintroduction programme got underway. The ambitious reintroduction programme, a joint initiative between the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Golden Eagle Trust, began with….

White-tailed eagle chicks fledge successfully in 3 counties

Juvenile white-tailed-eagle takes flight

A total of six white-tailed eagle chicks successfully fledged from five nests in three different counties in 2016, making this the most successful year to date in the long-term reintroduction programme for this iconic bird of prey in Ireland. Eight pairs of white-tailed eagle attempted to breed and successfully laid….

Irish white-tailed eagles hatch chicks in four counties

White tailed eagle chick mountshannon

The Irish white-tailed eagle reintroduction project has received a much-needed boost with news that five pairs, spanning four Irish counties, now have chicks in the nest. According to a press release issued by the Golden Eagle Trust, of the eight pairs that attempted to breed this year, eagle chicks have now….

Guerilla conservation group realeases bears in Co. Kerry

Eurasian Brown Bear

A group of extreme conservationists is secretly releasing brown bears into Killarney National Park in Co. Kerry an anonymous source revealed this week.

First Irish white-tailed eagle chicks fledge at Mountshannon, Co. Clare

White tailed eagle fledgling at Mountshannon, Co. Clare

Irish born white-tailed eagles are on the wing again for the first time in more than a century. A pair of reintroduced adult eagles successfully reared two chicks at a nest site on Lough Derg, near Mountshannon, Co. Clare. Both chicks fledged successfully last week in what is a momentous….

White tailed eagle chicks hatch in Ireland

WhiteTailed Eagle

The first white-tailed eagle chicks to be born in Ireland in over 100 years have hatched at two sites: one in Killarney National Park in Co. Kerry, the other in Mountshannon on Lough Derg in Co. Clare. The good news gives a much-needed boost to the beleaguered White Tailed Eagle reintroduction programme….

Irish red kite breeds successfully in County Wicklow

Red Kite (Milvus milvus)

An Irish-hatched red kite has successfully reared a brood of young in Ireland for the first time in almost 200 years. The male bird was hatched in Ireland  in 2010 to Welsh “donor” parents released as part of the red kite reintroduction project coordinated by the Golden Eagle Trust. This….

White tailed eagles nesting in Ireland again

A pair of white tailed eagles has been confirmed nesting near Mountshannon, Co. Clare. The breeding pair, which were released in Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry as part of an ongoing reintroduction project coordinated by the Golden Eagle Trust, settled in the Mountshannon area in early 2011. This is the….

More white tailed eagles released in Co. Kerry

Determined not to be thwarted by the spate of illegal poisonings, the Golden Eagle Trust has released ten new white tailed eagles into the skies of County Kerry as part of their on going re-introduction for this iconic bird of prey. The new birds, all between 10 and 14 weeks….

Red Kites Released in North Dublin

Red kites will soar over Dublin again for the first time in generations thanks to the release of 26 young birds at Newbridge Demesne earlier this week. The release is part of a five-year publicly funded programme to reintroduce red kites to Irish skies. Now in its final year the….