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“Be Planet Positive!” Tree Council of Ireland urges Irish Primary Schools

The Tree Council of Ireland, supported by Tetra Pak, is calling on primary schools across the country to get involved in Tetra Pak Tree Day and plant a tree on Thursday, 3rd October 2019. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Be Planet Positive!”, with a focus on the things that primary school children….

Thanks Josepha Madigan, you made the right decision.

Young Wren recently fledged

In the wake of yesterday’s decision by Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan, TD not to proceed with plans to extend hedgerow cutting into August, a newsletter landed in my inbox. It was from Birdwatch Ireland’s Assistant Head of Policy and Advocacy, Oonagh Duggan. In it, Oonagh….

Seagulls ate my aunty’s dog! Really?

Anyone with an ounce of sense will instantly see the headline above for what it is: sensationalist, ill-informed clap-trap. Nonetheless headlines just like it have been rife across Irish media following calls for a cull of the birds by Senator Denis O’Donovan in the Seanad earlier this week. Here are just some of the questionable headlines, introducing equally incredulous editorial from ostensibly “respectable” Irish….

WOW: RSPB Northern Ireland’s new and improved Belfast Lough reserve

Lapwings at Belfast Lough Reserve

RSPB Northern Ireland’s Belfast Lough nature reserve at Belfast Harbour Estate has undergone extensive refurbishment to give it a renewed WOW factor.  Media and Events Officer Amy Colvin explains what all the fuss is about. Belfast’s Harbour Estate isn’t the sort of place you’d expect nature to flourish – but prepare to….

Raptors in the firing line on national radio show

A social media storm is brewing surrounding an ill-informed and disturbingly inaccurate radio interview about birds conducted on the Pat Kenny Show on national Irish radio station Newstalk FM yesterday (Wed 14 January). On the show, host Pat Kenny (pictured left) introduced Biochemistry Professor, Luke O’Niell (yes, you read that right — a professor of….

Cork school children contribute to international godwit study

Under the banner of Operation Godwit an international team of scientists has been studying the Icelandic black-tailed godwit since the 1990s. Unique combinations of colour rings placed on the birds’ legs on their breeding grounds in Iceland and on their wintering grounds in Western Europe allow individual birds to be….

Wildlife Volunteering in the Caribbean

A nesting sea turtle

Jade Whynne… Managing Director with V2 Volunteer & Vacation… introduces some of the benefits of volunteering on conservation projects abroad, looking specifically at some of the V2 conservation projects in the Caribbean. Beyond the view of the sandy beach and turquoise water that most of the millions of visitors that….

Bird Atlas 2007-2011 — save 33% before 31 July

Bird Atlas 2007-2011

If you’re a birder in Britain or Ireland then chances are you already know about the upcoming publication of “Bird Atlas 2007-2011”. The culmination of one of the most ambitious citizen science projects ever undertaken, Bird Atlas brings together data on bird populations collected by tens of thousands  of dedicated….

Butterflies… and so much more!

Brow Head, West Cork

  Against all odds a mini-heatwave seemed to have descended on Ireland. The sun blazed out of a sky for once devoid of cloud as we met up in the car park at Barleycove beach in West Cork. It was early June and we were looking  for butterflies. Our target….

“State of Nature” raises a red flag for Irish wildlife

Iolo Williams State of Nature address

The recent “State of Nature” report published in the UK highlights the staggering and shocking decline of some of our nearest neighbour’s most iconic wildlife species. The figures from the report — compiled by 25 of the UK’s top wildlife organisations — make for a sobering read. 60% of the species….

BirdTrack… a smart new way to record the birds you see

Sand Martin Arrival 2013

Brian Caffrey, co-ordinator of BirdTrack  for Irish partner organisation, Birdwatch Ireland, introduces this new tool for recording and managing your personal bird records, and contributing to a body of data that helps inform bird conservation on a local, regional, national and international level. BirdTrack ( is an exciting project that….

Irish Pollinator Initiative: driving bee conservation through better data

Andrena fulva - extinct solitary bee rediscovered in 2012

Dr. Una Fitzpatrick, Ecologist with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, explains why we need to conserve our pollinators, and how you can help. The staggering value of pollination Pollination services provided by insects, mainly bees, have been valued at €153 billion a year. With 71 out of the 100 crops….