Hawke Frontier APO Binocular

The Hawke Frontier APO offers some of the very best optical performance, build quality and ergonomics in the industry at a price that delivers exceptional value. It’s the perfect binocular for those looking for top-tier, Alpha class optics that compete with the very best at a more affordable price-point.

Price Range: Mid-High (€500-€1,000)

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Hawke’s Frontier APO is the new flagship binocular model from a brand with a reputation for offering the best value for money in the business. With a host of premium features, at a price-point that undercuts market leaders by a significant margin, we find out how Hawke’s new top-of-the-range birding and wildlife binocular stacks up.

Pros: Great ergonomics in a surprisingly compact form factor for a full-size binocular. Outstanding clarity with a razor-sharp, high-contrast image with plenty of detail and excellent colour fidelity. Smooth, precise focus. Decent field of view for a 10×42. Dielectric prisms coupled with top quality coatings deliver excellent low-light performance.

Cons: Not much to complain about with this binocular. Punches above its weight in practically every department. Focus is very aggressive (less than one turn end-to-end), which means it’s easy to overshoot the point of focus until you get used to it. Unusual not to have a locking dioptre mechanism at this level.

Price: RRP c.€869 (GB£749) at the time of writing on the Hawke Optics UK website

Rating: Outstanding

Check out the Hawke Frontier APO on the Hawke Optics Website. Read our full review of the Hawke Frontier APO here.


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