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Rose coloured starling on holiday in West Cork

Rose-coloured starling

If you see a strange looking starling amidst your local flock, look again… you could be watching a rare eastern visitor. Rose-coloured starlings are on the move… and some of them are turning up in Ireland, with recent records from Cork, Kerry, Wexford and Donegal!

Ireland’s Wild South Coast: book now and save

White-tailed eagle Ireland

The West Cork stretch of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is a coastline replete with stunning scenery and offers some of the best marine and coastal wildlife and bird watching in Europe. Now, with our new range of wildlife holidays and short breaks, you can join some of the region’s best….

“Britain’s” Whales: stunning aerial humpback footage, filmed in Ireland

Humpback whales filmed off the south coast of Ireland last year will feature prominently in a new wildlife documentary to air on UK TV network ITV this coming Good Friday (25/03/2016) at 8pm. The film crew captured spectacular drone footage of humpback whales bubble-net feeding off The Blasket Islands in Co. Kerry in….

Raven (Corvus corax)

Raven by Andrew Malcolm

Seen close up the raven is a truly magnificent bird. The largest member of the crow family, it is the biggest passerine (perching) bird in Europe, and occurs all over Ireland. Size is the raven’s most distinguishing feature. At 54 to 68 cm long, with a wingspan doubling that, it dwarfs any….

Book Review: Britain’s Habitats: A Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Britain and Ireland

Britain's Habitats

Understanding habitats is an important part of wildlife watching. Whether you’re targeting a particular species or looking to find as much wildlife as you can on a trip to a particular location, knowledge about the various habitats you’re likely to encounter, and the species they support, is a key part of a successful wildlife….

Wildlife Portfolio: Sarah Corner

Male Merling Sarah Corner

In this instalment of our Wildlife Portfolio series we introduce the work of wildlife artist Sarah Corner. To view larger images in slideshow format click on one of the thumbnails in the portfolio below. If you’re a wildlife photographer or wildlife artist and would like us to consider your work for….

Wild Ireland: new ITV series highlights Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Presenter Christine Bleakly hilighting Wild Ireland

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is the star of a brand new 6-part television series on ITV showcasing the wonders of Ireland’s Atlantic seaboard — and with a name like “Wild Ireland” you’d have to hope that Ireland’s wildlife will feature in the production. Over 6 weeks the series will chart the progress of former The….

The Urban Birder in Ireland

The Urban Birder in Ireland

I was born in London but whenever anyone asks me where I’m from my stock answer is always that I am a black, Afropean, child of the earth and Honorary Irishman. I particularly cherish the ‘Honorary Irishman’ bit of my epithet because I really do feel a close affinity with….

Book Review: Secrets of the Irish Landscape

Secrets of the Irish Landscape

Ireland’s landscape is unique. Moulded by incredible geological forces, carved out by millions of tonnes of ice and, comparatively recently, shaped by the equally inexorable influence of man, our landscape is the foundation on which all of our wildlife and biodiversity sits. “Secrets of the Irish Landscape” is an RTÉ….

Polar bears of Irish descent

A team of international researchers from eight countries has discovered that current polar bears have a common Irish ancestor. The research, which was led by Professor Dan Bradley of the Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin, examined genetic material from more than 240 bears, both living and long….

Share your Ireland’s Wildlife photographs on Flickr

Ireland’s Wildlife now has a brand new Flickr group, where you can share your images of Irish nature with the rest of our online community. Flickr is one of the world’s leading photo-sharing websites (now owned by the Yahoo! network) and makes it really easy to share, comment and discuss….