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Cork Branch IWT Ladybird Workshop 17/06/2012

IWT Fota posterThe Cork Branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust will be hosting a free Ladybird Workshop on Sunday the 17 June, 10:30am at the Fota Wildlife Park Education Centre near Cobh, Co. Cork.

The event is free of charge and open to all. It will be led by Stephen McCormack and Paul Whelan.

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of ladybirds occur in your garden, what role Irish ladybirds play in the local ecosystem, and how you can identify the different ladybirds you find, why not book your free place now by contacting the Cork Branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust?

Places are limited and are offered on a first come, first served basis so please book yours ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Finding out about the ladybirds of County Cork

Little is currently known about Irish ladybirds. This workshop is part of an exciting new IWT project that aims to bridge part of that knowledge gap by encouraging the public to submit records of ladybird sightings in County Cork. The Cork Branch of the IWT is working closely with the easy-to-use online species recording and mapping tool to help improve our understanding of ladybirds across the county.

Ladybirds are also under threat from an alien species, the harlequin ladybird, which was recently recorded in Ireland for the first time, and details of how to identifying the invasive harlequin ladybird will be covered during the workshop.

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