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Hawke Frontier HDX 8×32 Binocular Review

Hawke Frontier HDX 8x32 Highly Recommended by Ireland's Wildlife

Pros: Outstanding build quality, excellent optics and superb ergonomics in a very affordable package. Image is crisp, bright and clear in the centre of the field, with plenty of detail and good contrast. Cons: Softening around the field edges is noticeable when panning with a moving subject or scanning a….

How Planting a Wildflower Bed Can Boost Local Wildlife

Over the past hundred years or so, as farming practices have changed and urban sprawl has extended, the number of areas of wild grasses and wildflowers in Ireland and the UK has significantly dropped. Some organisations state that the loss of ‘unimproved grasslands’ is as high as 99% in Ireland….

David Lindo (AKA The Urban Birder) to open Cape Clear Wildlife Festival

Birdwatch Ireland’s Cape Clear Bird Observatory celebrates its 60th birthday this year, and to mark the occasion the island is hosting a nearly two-week-long wildlife festival from Monday 02 September to Saturday 14 September. Well known British “celebrity birder” David Lindo, The Urban Birder, swaps his familiar cityscapes for the….

New “Recommended” optics store on Ireland’s Wildlife

Hawke Frontier EDX 8x42 Binocular Review

Our Recommended Optics “Shop” is now live We’re in the process of going through our reviews for birding and wildlife optics with “Recommended” and “Highly Recommended” ratings, and posting them to a brand new section of our online shop imaginatively named “Recommended Optics”. Some of our recently recommended birding and….

Certificate of Excellence for Ireland’s Wildlife Tours

2019 Certificate of Excellence for Ireland's Wildlife Tours

We’re delighted to announce that our guided wildlife and birding tours based on Ireland’s Wild South Coast have been awarded the prestigious Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2019. It’s a great endorsement, based on real reviews by guests who have spent time with us on the West Cork coast…..

Irish Humpback Whale linked to Cape Verde breeding grounds

Humpback Whale match Cape Verde

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) has announced a positive match between a Humpback Whale photographed at feeding grounds off the Irish south coast in 2015, and an animal photographed at breeding grounds in the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa in April of this year. This is the….

Incredible humpback whale footage off Ireland’s south coast

Humpbacks and dolphins West Cork

This breathtaking drone footage of four Humpback Whales interacting with a pod of Short-beaked Common Dolphins was captured off the coast of West Cork in late April by researchers from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG). The footage is part of an exciting new project called Whale Track….

Hawke Frontier EDX 8×42 Binocular Review

Hawke Frontier EDX 8x42 Binocular Review

Pros: Superb image quality and premium build quality deliver excellent all-around performance. Contemporary design looks great, is ergonomic, lightweight and a delight to carry and use for extended periods in the field. Top notch accessories complete the package. Cons: Minor observations rather than real “cons” — lack of thumb indents….

New book celebrates Ireland’s wildlife

The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume Two is the latest in a series of books featuring work by West Cork based nature writer Calvin Jones, founder of Ireland’s Wildlife ( Like it’s predecessor, “The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume Two”  features articles, species profiles and features that put the spotlight firmly on….

Video captures essence of Ireland’s wildlife at National Biodiversity Conference

Ireland's Wildlife Video

Ireland is home to some truly phenomenal wildlife. Our position on the western periphery of Europe, perched on the edge of the wild North Atlantic, makes this a truly special place. The essence of Ireland’s natural heritage is encapsulated in this short video, compiled by Crossing The Line Films. It….

Lunge-feeding Fin Whale caught on camera by drone

Fin Whale Aerial Shot

On a trip with West Cork based whale watching operator Cork Whale Watch last week, drone pilot and Ocean Research & Conservation Ireland (ORCIreland) Observer Greg Coleman captured some astonishing aerial footage of a gigantic Fin Whale lunge feeding through bait balls created by Short-beaked Common Dolphins (see the ORCIreland….

Eagles and Fin Whales star on Ireland’s Wild South Coast

White-tailed Eagle: Wildlife Holidays in Ireland

The best part of being a wildlife guide on Ireland’s south coast is being able to share the incredible wildlife of this stunning stretch of coastline with people from Ireland and around the world. It’s fantastic to see people’s reactions when they see for themselves why we call this Europe’s….