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Sofirn SP40 Headlamp Review

Sofirn SP40 Headlamp 1,2000 Lumen Rechargeable Head Torch

Pros: Convenient, lightweight and robust headlight with four very useful brightness levels. 1,200 Lumen “Turbo” mode ludicrously bright. Convenient recharging via micro-USB. 3000mAh 18650 battery included. Magnetic base makes for a convenient and versatile work-light when detached from the head-strap. Wide beam pattern ideal for headlamp and use and general area ilumination. Handy battery level indicator built into switch.

Cons: Three brightness levels plus “Turbo” mode are versatile, but it surprised me there was no SOS or strobe mode in there somewhere. Given where things are currently in terms of USB connectors I would have preferred to see a USB Type-C charging port instead of the now dated micro-USB.

Price: GB£35.99 (c. €40.00 at time of writing) via

Value: Outstanding

Rating: Highly Recommended

The Sofirn SP40 headlight is a high performance all-round right-angle LED flashlight that comes with a comfortable, adjustable elasticated head-strap system that makes it a very versatile little light. The fact that you can remove the light from the strap and use it as a general utility light is a real boon.

This is a robust, well made flashlight that performs superbly and I found the various light modes ideal for all kinds of situations. For the price it delivers outstanding quality and value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. If you need a high-performance rechargeable headlamp on a budget this is well worth checking out.

Sofirn SP40 Rechargeable Head Lamp Full Review

Sofirn is a Chinese flashlight manufacturer that offers a range of lights that more or less equate to those available from better-known brands, by and large matching them for build quality and functionality, but at a significantly lower price.

The SP40 is Sofirn’s first foray into the headlamp market.

Build quality, Finish & Ergonomics

The SP40 is a very well made light. The body is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium and the quality of the machining appears very high. This is a solid, robust light that will happily take whatever life in the field throws its way and continue to deliver consistent performance.

The right-angle design is ideal for mounting the light horizontally on the adjustable, elasticated head-strap. The light attaches via two rubber “hoops” that slide over the body of seat themselves into grooves machined into the battery tube. They hold the light firmly, and allow you to position that right-angled head at any angle required for the task at hand. It makes for a very versatile setup, and the elastic webbing of the strap is fully adjustable and very comfortable, even during extended use.

Of course, pull the light out of the head-strap and you have a standalone rechargeable 18650 right-angle work-light, and the magnetic tail-cap means you can attach it to vertical surfaces or even hang it upside down to provide hands-free light.

All in all the Sofirn SP40 was a pleasure to use, and while I primarily used it as a headlamp I can see it being useful as a general utility torch in lots of different situations.


The SP40 has a single switch that cycles through the different lighting modes. A single click turns the light on in whichever of the three standard modes was previously selected. Pushing and holding the switch while the light is on cycles through low-medium-high modes. Double clicking the switch activates the 1,200 lumen “Turbo” mode, with a single click returning you to the previously selected standard mode.

It’s a simple and effective system and makes for quick and straightforward operation either mounted on the head-strap or carried independently. A handy addition is a “lockout” mode. Four rapid clicks of the switch will lock the controlls (the light will flash twice to indicate it is locked when entering lockdown mode, and whenever the switch is pressed while it is locked). When the light is locked, four rapid clicks will unlock it (the light will flash three times to indicate that it is unlocked before remaining on in the last selected standard light mode).

The switch also incorporates a very handy battery-level indicator. When you turn the light on, the switch will light up for 5 seconds to indicate the level of the battery.

  • Continuous Green — fully charged… good to go.
  • Blinking Green — over 30% battery remaining
  • Blinking Red — battery below 30%
  • Continuous Red — battery low, replace or recharge as soon as possible


The body of the SP40 is O-Ring sealed and the light it rated to IPX7 — which means it will withstand submersion of up to 30 minutes at depths of up to 1m (although reviewers online have submerged the flashlight overnight and observed no ill effects). Bottom line: the Irish weather is unlikely to trouble the Sofirn SP40.


SP40 Rechargeable Headlamp

As it’s a rechargeable flashlight, you don’t need to worry too much about the power source for your SP40. You can recharge the battery in situ via the micro-USB port (from a USB wall charger, a portable power bank, or if your mobile supports it, even via reverse charging from your mobile phone).

The package we received for review included a Sofirn branded 3000mah 18650 button-top cell, which is what we used throughout the review period and it delivered excellent levels of performance.

If you want spare batteries in reserve, the SP40 will happily run on any 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. With springs in both the tailcap and driver module it works flawlessly with both flat-top and button top 18650 cells (we tried both types without issue).

In the box you’ll also find a shorter battery tube designed to house 18350 cells (half the length, but also half the runtime of 18650s). If you wanted to turn the SP40 into an ultra compact, high-performance headlamp or work light this would do the trick. However, for the sake of a few cm and a few extra grammes, the additional runtime of the 18650 makes it the best default choice in most situations.


At the heart of the SP40 is a CREE CP-L HD LED that pumps out an impressive 1,200 lumens of light.

As a headlight, the beam pattern of the SP40 is calibrated to deliver wide area flood illumination, rather than maximise throw (or distance). That said, on the “Turbo” 1,200 Lumen setting the specified throw of 136m — particularly when you consider how wide the beam is — is impressive.

The flashlight offers three standard modes, as well as the maximum “Turbo” mode.

  • Low 5 lumen / 220h / 11m
  • Med 90 lumen / 15h / 38m
  • High 450 lumen / 4h 10min / 85m
  • Turbo 1,200 lumen / 1h 50min / 136m

In general these modes cover the range of uses for the light well, although there is quite a jump between Medium and High outputs, with perhaps room for an additional level in between to even things out a bit.


In the box with the SP40 is a comfortable elasticated headstrap, a Sofirn branded 18650 3000mah battery, an 18350 battery tube, a strong detachable pocket-clip, a micro-USB charging cable and a pack of spare O-ring seals.


The SP40 is a highly capable and affordable rechargeable headlamp that also doubles as a convenient and versatile all-purpose work-lamp/general use torch. It’s robust, weatherproof and matches the features and performance of lights costing double the price.

If you’re looking for a great all-around headlight that can pull double duty as a general use torch around the house and outdoors, then this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Technical Specs


Working Voltage: 2.8V – 4.2V

Battery Options: One 18650 Li-ion battery

Dimension: 108mm (length) × 25mm (head diameter)

Weight: 63±1 gram (lamp without battery)

Water Resistance: IPX7(submersion up to a maximum depth of 1m underwater for up to 30 minutes)

Protect from improper battery installation: Yes
Magnetic Tailcap: Yes
Mode Selection: Click the switch to turn on / off. While the headlamp is on, press and hold to choose from: Low/Mid/High, double click to Turbo, another click returns to the previous mode.

Brightness levels
Low: 5Lumens
Mid: 90Lumens
High: 450Lumens
Turbo: 1200Lumens


I’d like to thank Sofirn for submitting the Sofirn SP40 for review on Ireland’s Wildlife.

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