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Know your crows — how to identify corvids with the BTO

Crow ID video from the BTOGiven clear views on the ground adult crow species generally present few ID problems… but throw juveniles into the mix, and birds in flight at distance, and they become surprisingly tricky.

There are clues you can use to identify crows accurately even in these situations. In this video the BTO run through the common crow species — all of which breed here in Ireland, with the exception of the carrion crow, which is replaced here by the grey and black hooded crow, and occurs only as a rare vagrant.

Let us know what you think of the video, and share your crow identification conundrums and insights in the comments below….


  • Thank you! I found out thanks to your video that I have every type of crow here in my backyard. The Chough is the newest addition. I never saw them before this winter. I also have Magpies. I love them all with maybe the exception of the Ravens, only due to the fact that they disrupt the feeding of all the other birds in my yard, large and small. They’re always trying to take the feeders off the pole. Quite irritating!

  • Jane Hensman

    Really enjoyed this very useful and educational video. lots of Rooks and Crows in this area.Grey crows increasing as well. Have heard a Raven call in the grounds of an old but used college where there are many tall pines and other trees surrounding a community park.

  • Thanks for info. I’ve bee rescuing 2 types of crows lately and come to loving them so much that I need to learn how to recognise them properly. Crows and vultures are the best so far.

  • Valerie Parry

    Well made video with clear & informative narration. Will help me identify the different birds in my area of Ireland.

  • R meehan

    The hooded crows here in Mayo seems to be very challenged these days, seem agitated. Perhaps it is the weather?/

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