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Live wildlife webcams from CJ Wildlife

BarnOwlCamHave you ever wanted a sneak peak into the lives of birds on or around the nest?

CJ Wildlife Webcam_300x250The advent of live web streaming means that it’s now possible to keep a close eye on the nesting efforts of your favourite birds without the risk of disturbance. Thanks to live web cameras set up by organisations under licence from the relevant authorities, live web cameras mean we can also get up close views of the nesting activities of some of our rarest and most striking birds.

Our official Garden Wildlife Supplies Partner, CJ Wildlife, has just launched a fabulous array of live nestbox webcams on their website. The selection is pretty eclectic — ranging from garden favourites like great tit and starling through to the tunnel-nesting kingfisher and some fantastic raptors like peregrine falcon and barn owl, and some fabulous non-Irish species like little owl, tawny owl, Montague’s harrier and white stork.

Live Peregrine CamThe cameras only went live today, but we’ve already spotted some exciting action at the peregrine nest and seen the little owl tucking in to a late rodent lunch. At the moment the barn owl is snoozing, but things should liven up after dark.

What will you spot? Be sure to check out the live web cameras for yourself by clicking on the banner above or following this link.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what happens as the drama of the breeding season unfolds on these fabulous live feeds.

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