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Regatta Rivington Mens Wellington Review

Regatta Rivington Mens Wellington Boots

Pros: Great all-round wellington boot that’s comfortable and functional. Adjustable girth via quick-release buckle is convenient and effective. Roomy enough for decent welly socks. Heavy duty, grippy soles great when you venture off-road.

Cons: Neoprene lining a bit on the thin side, which feels less “premium” than other boots in this price range, and allows cold to seep through on frosty days (see note about thick socks above). The flip side of that is they should stay cool enough for year-round use.

Price: RRP €120 but discounted to €83.95 at time of writing on the site.

Rating: Recommended

The Regatta brand will be no stranger to any Irish outdoor enthusiast, and has a reputation for delivering excellent performance at an affordable price point. The Rivington wellington boot meets that brief and while not a cheap wellington, it is robust, comfortable, performs well in a wide range of field conditions and feels like it will last a long time.

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Regatta Men’s Rivington Wellington: Full Review

When you’re out in the hinterland looking for wildlife, the last thing you want is uncomfortable feet. Choosing the right footwear is paramount if you plan to spend a lot of time in the field (or even just to walk the dog on a frosty morning), especially with conditions and terrain as varied as we get here in Ireland.

Hiking boots might seem an intelligent choice, but I’ve been through goodness knows how many pairs of hiking boots over the years, ranging from high-end brands right down to bargain basement offerings. I’ve come to the same conclusion as pretty much every other wildlife enthusiast and birder I’ve ever met. When the going gets tough, the best pair of hiking boots in the world is no match for a good pair of wellies.

Wellies are the ultimate all-terrain, go anywhere, do anything footwear. A decent pair of wellington boots will be near the top of any wildlife enthusiasts “must have” gear list.

The last two pairs of Wellintons I reviewed on the site set a pretty high bar. The Aigle Pacours 2 Outlast still reigns supreme, but it’s pricey, for a welly, and not everyone wants or needs NASA level tech in their boots.

The Rockfish Groundhog is another superb all-round boot that was still going strong after three years of almost daily use.

Both of these brands, while excellent in terms of performance, are a little “obscure”. Neither are likely to be on the average Irish consumer’s radar, or available at your average Irish outdoor retailer.

Enter the Regatta Rivington men’s wellington boot.

Regatta is a name that most Irish consumers will be very familiar with. The brand offers a wide range of outdoor gear — from fleeces to rain gear, boots to bandanas and everything in between. The company has a reputation for delivering a great balance of performance and price that appeals to the budget conscious consumer.

Sitting at the top of Regatta’s wellington boot range, the Rivington isn’t a cheap welly but it does tick the right boxes in terms of value, and you’ll usually find it with a significant discount off the RRP.

First Impressions

The Rivington is an all-rubber boot that’s neoprene lined, and it looks, when all said and done, like a wellington boot. There’s not a whole lot more to say about it.

It’s available in black or green (I reviewed the green option) and I have to admit that it looks good, in an understated, wellington fashion. The adjustable buckle on the side of the boot lends it a slightly more premium look than your average welly and there’s something about the finish that seems a little more polished. It prompted a neighbour to comment on my “fancy wellies” the first time he saw them — which I guess is a good sign.

The neoprene lining was thinner than I was expecting, which means the boots don’t “hug” your legs like some neoprene boots can. That’s not good or bad, it just depends what you’re used to. The boots are very comfortable, and a good fit — giving plenty of room to adjust the insulation with thicker or multiple pairs of socks as required.

Finally, the chunky, heavily cleated rubber soles look robust enough to take a beating and handle whatever the terrain throws their way.

In the field

I’ve been wearing the Regatta Rivington for the last month and a half — so from mid-November and throughout December. It’s been an exceptionally wet, and occasionally very cold end to 2020 here on Ireland’s south coast. In other words, perfect welly-testing weather.

Wearing the Regatta Rivington Wellington Boots

The Rivingtons have kept my feet warm, dry and comfortable throughout. On colder days you do notice that the thinner neoprene lining doesn’t insulate quite as well as thicker options available with other wellies, but thick neoprene can make wellies uncomfortably warm during the summer. The Rivingtons are roomy enough to let you adjust insulation to suit with your socks, and should mean they stay comfortable throughout the summer.

While I couldn’t wait for the weather to warm up to test this out, I did wear them with thin socks indoors for a while, and my feet didn’t overheat at all, so I suspect they’ll prove excellent year-round wellies.

The quick-release strap at the neck of the welly lets you adjust the girth to suit your calf, and stops excessive flapping when you’re walking. The boots are comfortable during extended use and provide adequate support. I’ve walked all day in them several times without excessive fatigue or discomfort.

They are of course 100% waterproof. I tested them by fording a couple of streams on my local patch and standing in the shallows of a nearby lake for a while and experienced no leakage or discomfort — so full marks to Regatta on that front.


The Regatta Rivington Mens Wellington Boot is a great all-round welly for general outdoor use and is ideal for wildlife watching and birding. They’re a little more expensive than basic wellies, but if you’re going to be wearing them often (and if you’re out wildlife watching you probably will) it’s worth paying a bit extra for wellies that deliver a little more comfort and performance every day.

The Rivington’s do that, and I have no hesitation recommending them.


I’d like to thank Regatta for submitting their Rivington Men’s wellington boots for review on Ireland’s Wildlife.

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