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Fame at last! BBC Wildlife Magazine Letter of the Month

BBC Wildlife Letter of the Month

I was surprised and delighted last month when an email arrived from BBC Wildlife Magazine. I’d sent in a letter in August accompanied by some shots of a lunge-feeding minke whale. According to the email my letter was not only going to be published in the illustrious journal’s October edition,….

Calling all budding wildlife and nature writers


Are you a wildlife enthusiast or bird watcher with a story to tell? Do you have wildlife hints and tips you’d love to share with other enthusiasts? Have you got a favourite wildlife site or piece of wildlife gear you’d like to review? If you have then we’d love to….

Natural born scapegoats…why do we always blame wildlife?

Why is it that we’re so ready to lay the blame at nature’s door when things go awry in the countryside? There are plenty of examples out there. Bovine TB is perhaps the biggest that springs to mind at the moment. It’s a dreadful disease in cattle that has serious….

Give weeds a break in your garden

All over Ireland gardeners are on a mission to eradicate weeds… but is there a different approach that can help the gardener AND help Ireland’s wildlfie? **** Weeds! The very mention of them can send gardeners into spasm. Throughout summer well into autumn we fight a never-ending battle with weeds…..

On course for a whale of a time

Whale watching from a West Cork Headland

The female marsh harrier rose over the reed bed. For a fleeting moment she was master of the air… and then the wind hit her. Any illusion of aerial mastery was shattered as the Atlantic squall buffeted the hapless bird. It was all she could do to stay airborne. This….

Barn owl encounter

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

I was out for a routine tramp around the patch about a month ago when something dropped out of a big clump of ivy in the top of a hawthorn tree. It hit the ground with a thud and, curiosity piqued, I headed over to investigate. As I approached the….

Ireland’s Wildlife Reviews to feature in Bird Watching Magazine

Ireland's Wildlife reviews to feature in Bird Watching Magazine

We’re delighted to announce the next step in the evolution of Ireland’s Wildlife’s new Wildlife Gear Review section. We’re partnering with Bird Watching, the UKs most popular bird and birding magazine, to bring Ireland’s Wildlife Reviews to a whole new audience. Bird Watching will publish Ireland’s Wildlife reviews of high….

Live wildlife: the last word in Reality Television

Humpback Whale Wild Journeys

A few weeks ago the annual television wildlife extravaganza that is BBC Springwatch hit our screens. This three-week long wildlife-fest celebrated the best of native British wildlife, bringing fantastic shots, engaging stories and interesting wildlife facts to a public with a seemingly insatiable appetite for all things wild. I look….

A natural remedy for a hectic lifestyle

Life these days is a bit of a dizzy whirlwind. With work pressures, children, ever-present household chores and sundry other demands on our finite sliver of attention, it can be hard to find time for nature. But I find taking even a little “time out” to connect with the natural….

Batty about Irish bats!

It was Monday night. I sat half-watching a painful American TV show (just because it was on) and half-reading the latest updates to the Ireland’s Wildlife page on Facebook, when a movement outside caught my eye. The long stretch in the evening meant that while it wasn’t exactly light it….

West Cork humpback adventure

It was a glorious morning on Toe Head in West Cork. The sun was shining, and the April breeze, while still a bit keen, wasn’t at all uncomfortable. At my feet was a stunning vista spanning from Galley Head to the east all the way around to the Fastnet Rock….

Book Review: Lichens of Ireland

How often do you think about lichens? Most people rarely give them a second thought, even though they encounter them every day. Lichens are everywhere — encrusting growths on rocks, walls and tree trunks, more leafy or feathery forms clinging to rocky outcrops and dangling from branches —  lichens are….