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Black Friday Bird Food Deal from CJ Wildlife

Black Friday Bird Food Deal
Stock up with high quality bird food for less this Black Friday 27/11 with CJ Wildlife

Feeding the birds can be a costly business — but this coming Friday (Black Friday) our Garden Wildlife Supply partner CJ Wildlife is slashing the price of its 10Kg and 20Kg bags of premium Hi Energy No Mess Seed Mix. With free delivery on all orders over €50 it’s the perfect time to stock up on bird food before the Christmas holidays.

The Offer Details

For one day only, on Black Friday, 27 November 2015, CJ Wildlife will be cutting the price of its best selling Hi Energy No Mess bird seed mix:

10kg – was €42.00 now €29.40
20kg – was €73.00 now €51.10

To avail of these savings simply:

  1. Wait until Black Friday, 27 November
  2. Go to the CJ Wildlife Ireland homepage
  3. Follow the links on the page to place your order


Garden Wildlife Supplies Partner

Highly recommended: our favourite bird seed mix

Hi Energy No Mess is our seed mix of choice here at Ireland’s Wildlife. We’ve been using it as our main seed feed since CJ Wildlife became our official Garden Wildlife Supplies Partner in 2013.

The birds love the “Hi Energy” part of the formula, while we really appreciate the “No Mess” part.

Give it a try — we’re sure you, and your garden birds, won’t be disappointed.

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