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Ireland’s Wildlife delighted to extend bird food partnership

IW Official Bird Food & Garden Wildlife SupplierWith winter arriving and the annual Birdwatch Ireland Garden Birdwatch imminent we’re entering high season for feeding our garden birds. Against that backdrop Ireland’s Wildlife is delighted to announce that we’re extending our partnership with CJ Wildlife as our official Bird Food and Garden Wildlife Supplier.

Operating in Ireland through its Irish portal, CJ Wildlife is Europe’s leading bird food and garden wildlife supply company. Established in 1987, the company has been a driving force behind the increasing popularity of feeding garden birds across Europe, and leads the way in the research and development of high-quality garden bird foods to attract a wide range of species to your garden.

What we really like about working with CJ Wildlife is their fundamental ethos to put wildlife first, and their commitment to outstanding customer service. They invest in developing high quality products tailored to the wildlife’s specific needs, offer fast, free delivery on all orders over €50, and the team are a pleasure to deal with. They’re as nuts about wildlife as we are, and that shines through in their products and in their enthusiasm.

While CJ Wildlife products certainly aren’t the cheapest you’ll find on the market, all bird foods are not created equal. Our experience shows CJ Wildlife foods to offer excellent value. High quality foods cost more, but typically result in less waste… which offsets the increased cost to a degree… and they certainly offer better bang for the buck in terms of the nutrition they provide for the bird. Since we started using CJ Wildlife foods at IWHQ we’ve seen a significant increase in both bird numbers and species diversity visiting the garden.

Not just food and feeders — also food for thought…

As well as providing bird food and supplies for the wildlife garden at IWHQ, as part of the partnership CJ Wildlife will contribute regular garden wildlife articles, features and advice here on the Irealand’s Wildlife site — so keep a look out for those here and over on our social media channels in the near future.

We’re really happy to be working with CJ Wildlife, and encourage you to pop over to their Irish website to check out what they have to offer. While you’re there you can request a free garden wildlife guide and / or their current catalogue, and their monthly garden wildlife e-newsletter is well worth signing up for.

We really appreciate the quality and service CJ Wildlife offer to us… but perhaps what’s more important is that the birds and other wildlife visiting the Ireland’s Wildlife garden seem to appreciate it too.

You can find out more about CJ Wildlife here.

NB: If you run a wildlife related business or brand and are interested in partnering with Ireland’s Wildlife why not get in touch today to discuss the opportunities.

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