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Irish Wildflowers: a fantastic native flower ID resource

Irish Wildflowers -- online help with wildflower ID in Ireland

This week’s Site of the Week is Irish Wildlflowers. I don’t know about you, but while I marvel at the beautiful intricacy of our native Irish wildflower species, I often struggle to identify them.

There’s no substitute for a really good wildflower field guide, of course, but if you find yourself wondering what on earth that fabulous flower was taking a few photographs on your digital camera, and looking it up online, can be a really useful way of narrowing down your options and getting a positive ID.

One of the best online resources for information on native wildflowers in Ireland is the excellent Irish Wildflowers website. It offers an A-Z list of more than 800 Irish wildflowers, covering native and introduced / naturalized species. You can browse an A-Z index of common names, latin names, Irish names and family names, or, if you’re working from visual cues, try working your way through the the A-Z photo index. You can also filter your search by habitat, which can be a real boon when trying to ID flowers from a particular sort of Irish habitat, or by colour.

The “Flowering Now” section… which details some of the wildflowers you’re likely to encounter in flower during the current month… is another useful feature (you can also click through to any month of the year to see what’s likely to be flowering when).

All in all an excellent site highlighting the remarkable wildflower diversity in Ireland, and a great online resource to help you get to grips with your wildflower ID.


  • This blog post beautifully captures the essence of Ireland’s diverse wildlife, taking readers on a captivating journey through its enchanting landscapes. From the rugged coasts to the lush green fields, Ireland’s natural wonders come alive through the author’s vivid descriptions and stunning photography.

    The article’s well-researched content provides valuable insights into the various species that inhabit this picturesque country. Whether it’s the majestic red deer roaming the woodlands or the adorable puffins nesting on the cliffs, each encounter with Ireland’s wildlife is a true treasure.

    Moreover, the author’s passion for conservation shines through, emphasizing the importance of protecting these delicate ecosystems for future generations. The inclusion of practical tips on responsible wildlife viewing and engaging in nature-friendly activities adds an educational aspect to the piece, encouraging readers to become stewards of Ireland’s remarkable biodiversity.

    The immersive writing style and the seamless blend of personal anecdotes with factual information make this blog post a joy to read. It serves as an inspiration for nature enthusiasts and travelers alike, enticing them to embark on their own wildlife adventures in Ireland.

    Overall, “Ireland’s Wildlife” is a commendable blog post that ignites a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural wonders that Ireland holds. It serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to delve deeper into the country’s rich and diverse ecosystems while fostering a deeper connection with the captivating wildlife that calls Ireland home.

  • Thanks for the link to this site,,

    Im no expert on wild flowers, but i spend a lot of time in the field birding and always find my self asking the question ” whats that flower?”, now i have a easy to use ID guide..Bookmarked.

    Jeff Copner

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