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Irish Wildlife wins prestigious national magazine award

Irish WildlifeIrish Wildlife, the membership magazine of the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT), has won the “Customer Magazine of the Year” category in the prestigious Irish Magazine Awards 2013.

Irish wildlife is a quarterly magazine that showcases wildlife, nature and conservation issues, feature articles and news from all over Ireland. Its unique blend of high quality editorial, contemporary design and stunning wildlife photography certainly struck a chord with the Irish Magazine Awards judging panel.

“It demonstrates excellent production values, high quality photographic images and attractive and informative articles on all aspects of Irish wildlife,” they observed, pointing out that the magazine represents “good all round excellence”.

It is fantastic to see a wildlife publication get national recognition like this. It demonstrates there’s an appetite out there for wildlife related content, and will hopefully encourage more mainstream publications to allocate more of their precious column inches to wildlife and nature writing and photography.

A hearty congratulations to the team at the IWT from Ireland’s Wildlife on creating a fantastic award winning wildlife magazine. Long may it continue.

If you want to get hold of your own copy of Irish Wildlife magazine it’s available quarterly as part of your IWT membership package. You can join the IWT from just €25 for adults (concession) and €15 for children, or why not treat someone to a gift membership this holiday season, and they can look forward to receiving Irish Wildlife throughout next year.

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  • Sofia Zukh

    Hello, my name is Sofia and I have a very big interest and photography of animals and nature particularly of Ireland. I was wondering if there would be any way I could try and submit some of my photography for your campaign

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