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Nature Alert: make your voice heard in the EU review of conservation legislation

NatureAlert Protect EU Conservation LegislationThe European Commission is currently reviewing EU legislation as part of a Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) — and vital EU conservation laws like the Birds Directive and The Habitats Directive are coming under scrutiny as part of that process.

NGOs across the EU are concerned that this review could potentially lead to a weakening of these vital conservation laws. The Birds and Habitats Directives underpin the legal framework for nature protection across the 28 EU states, and help to protect some of our most vulnerable and sensitive wildlife and habitats.

Nature Alert is a campaign organised by Birdlife Europe, the European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth Europe, and WWF, and supported by more than 90 conservation NGOs across Europe. In Ireland these include key conservation players like Birdwatch Ireland, The Irish Wildlife Trust, Bat Conservation Ireland and others.

The campaign aims to get as many citizens as possible, across all 28 EU member states, to make their voices heard in support of nature conservation during the ongoing public consultation process. It’s quick and easy to send your submission by completing a simple online form on the dedicated Nature Action website.

While we’re not an NGO, Irelands Wildlife would like to add its support to this initiative. Ireland’s conservation record is woeful; our wildlife and conservation legislation needs bolstering, not diluting. Play your part today by supporting the Nature Action campaign and letting the European Commission know you want it to stand up for nature conservation.


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