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New wildlife walks get you closer to nature

Guided wildlife and nature walks in West Cork, Ireland

I love wildlife, and I love walking. Best of all I love walking where I can watch wildlife and share what I see with other interested people.

Grasshopper WarblerIt was on one of these wildlife walks on the stunning West Cork coastline (see the photo — no exaggeration) that I had one of those “eureka” moments.

“Why not offer guided wildlife and nature walks through the Ireland’s Wildlife website?” whispered my subconscious. And it seemed like such a good idea that’s exactly what I’ve done.

For more information check out the Nature and Wildlife Walking page here.

For starters going to do half-day and full-day guided walking tours around the Rosscarbery area of West Cork. It’s close to home and I know the area extremely well. The Celtic Ross Hotel is also a very handy meeting point, and there’s some great wildlife to be found in and around the area.

In time I’m sure I’ll expand to other walks in other parts of West Cork… but for now we’ll see how it goes.

If you love walking and love finding and watching wildlife why not join me?

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