Zeiss Victory SF Binocular

While the ZEISS Victory SF is one of the most expensive binoculars on the market, the optical quality and build is among the very best we’ve ever seen. That high price tag makes us wince… but the fact remains that if you’re looking for the optimum in image quality, few binoculars in the world come close to the Victory SF, earning it our “Highly Recommended” rating.

Price Range: High (€1,000-€2,000+)

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Pros: Exquisite image across an expansive and immersive field of view. Bright, clear and razor sharp… the Victory SF is optically up there with the best binoculars I’ve ever used. Superb balance, comparatively light weight and excellent overall build quality make for a compelling all-round package.

Cons: Even for an “alpha” class binocular the c. €2,500 price tag is eye-watering. Plastic eye-cups are a surprise on a binocular at this level, and the whole unit is a bit on the big side. Those lengthy barrels make for ergonomics that, while comfortable, take a little adjustment.

Price: RRP. c. €2,462.45 (GB£2,164.99)

Value: Good

Rating: Highly Recommended

As a flagship binocular from one of the “Big 3” European premium optics manufacturers the Zeiss Victory SF has a lot to live up to. It certainly does that on the optical front, and the ergonomics, balance and build quality are all up there too. This is a superb binocular — and optically at least matches those sharing the rarified air at the top of the optics tree.

If you’re in the happy position on shopping in the upper echelons of the optics market then the ZEISS Victory SF is probably already on your comparatively short short-list. If it’s not, then it probably should be.

View details of and buy the ZEISS Victory SF directly on the ZEISS UK website.

Check out our full review here.


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