Swarovski Optik EL 8×32 Swarovision

The EL Swarovision range from Swarovski Optik sits at the absolute pinnacle of optical performance. They’re amongst the most expensive binoculars you can buy, but the quality is uncompromising, and this 8x32mm mid-size version remains one of the best all-around birding and wildlife binoculars we’ve ever used.

Price Range: High (€1,000+)

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Pros:Uncompromising image quality. Bright, razor-sharp, high contrast view right to the edge of the field. Outstanding low-light performance, which is particularly impressive given its 32mm objective lenses. Excellent build quality and ergonomics; lightweight yet solid and robust. Superb all-round performance. Possibly the best “accessories” (case, strap, rainguard, objective covers, lens cloth) on the market.

Cons: Slight rolling ball effect visible when panning in cluttered environments. Barrels a shade longer than you might expect in a mid-size binocular (while they are significantly lighter and slimmer than a full size 42mm binocular, they’re not actually that much smaller).

Price: c. €1,800
Available in 8×32 and 10×32 configurations

Value: Excellent

Rating: Highly Recommended

Check out the EL 8×32 Swarovision on the Swarovski Optik website.

The EL32 Swarovision is undoubtedly one of the mid-sized binocular elite — and a real contender for the title of best mid-sized binocular in the world. The view through the EL32 is almost flawless, and as you might expect, that kind of optical performance comes with a premium price-tag to match. Along with breathtaking optical performance, the 32mm version of the EL Swarovision is lightweight, feels great in the hand and is easy to carry in the field.

Bottom line: this is one of the very best wildlife and birding binoculars available: a true all-round star performer. If you want uncompromising views in a lightweight, ergonomic body that’s easy to carry and use then put this binocular on your short-list… period! If you do decide to invest in one, let’s just say you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

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