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New book celebrates Ireland’s wildlife

The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume Two is the latest in a series of books featuring work by West Cork based nature writer Calvin Jones, founder of Ireland’s Wildlife ( Like it’s predecessor, “The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume Two”  features articles, species profiles and features that put the spotlight firmly on….

New collection of wildlife and nature writing published

The Irish Wildlife Collection: Volume One

Regular readers will know that I’ve been publishing articles profiling Irish wildlife on the back page of one of Ireland’s most popular weekly magazine, Ireland’s Own, since way back in 2001. Over the years I’ve had many letters from readers of the magazine asking if there was anywhere they could….

Secrets of the Sycamore

A Sycamore Tree

“So that’s what my breath looks like!” exclaimed my young daughter as we walked up to school on a cold and frosty morning. They had been busy breathing in deep lungfuls of the autumn air and watching excitedly as it escaped through their cupped hands. The novelty had long worn….

Calling all budding wildlife and nature writers


Are you a wildlife enthusiast or bird watcher with a story to tell? Do you have wildlife hints and tips you’d love to share with other enthusiasts? Have you got a favourite wildlife site or piece of wildlife gear you’d like to review? If you have then we’d love to….

A natural remedy for a hectic lifestyle

Life these days is a bit of a dizzy whirlwind. With work pressures, children, ever-present household chores and sundry other demands on our finite sliver of attention, it can be hard to find time for nature. But I find taking even a little “time out” to connect with the natural….

Welcome to the jungle; it’s closer than you think

There’s nothing like getting out into the wilds and experiencing nature first hand, raw and unspoilt. Here in Ireland we’re fortunate to have some fantastic wild places, and no matter where you live nature is never far away. That said, there are times when even the most ardent nature fanatic….

New Wildlife Column: West Cork Times

Ireland’s wildlife is delighted to be contributing wildlife-related content to a brand new nature blog on the fledgling West Cork Times website. You’ll still get the best nature and wildlife content here on the Ireland’s Wildlife site first… but it’s great to have a platform to bring wildlife awareness to….