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Peanuts for peanuts — 30% off — order yours now!

The best garden bird food for less this marchWe’ve just heard from our Official Garden Wildlife Partner CJ Wildlife that they’re offering 30% off their premium whole peanuts and 10% off all of their peanut feeders until the end of March.

Peanuts are an excellent energy-packed source of nutrition for birds.  With nesting season looming, adult birds need to pack in as much nourishment as possible, as efficiently as possible, so they can stay focused on the crucial task of rearing a new generation. Peanuts tick all the right boxes.

When feeding peanuts during the breeding season it’s important to use a special mesh style peanut feeder. These only allow the adult birds to remove small pieces of nut that don’t present a choking hazard to young birds.

At Ireland’s Wildlife we work with CJ Wildlife to provide the best for the birds here at IWHQ. We can attest to the quality of their foods and feeders from first hand experience and heartily recommend them. CJ Wildlife’s premium peanuts come from human grade food stock and are the best quality available on the market.

With 30% off peanuts, and 10% off peanut feeders until the end of March giving your garden birds the best just got a lot cheaper. So what are you waiting for:

Stock up now!


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