GPO Passion HD Binocular

The GPO Passion HD truly is a top tier binocular, and while it is far from low cost, it does rival binoculars that cost a lot more. GPO was established to bring Alpha level optics to the market at a more affordable price point. The Passion HD is the genesis of that ambition, and based on our review of the 10×42 model GPO pretty much nailed it.

Price Range: High (€1,000+)

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Pros: Premium quality build and high-end features combined with outstanding optics at a lower price point than most top binocular brands. Image is pin sharp and contrasty across the wide field of view, and colours pop, yet still appear natural and neutral, with no obvious colour cast.

Cons: Feels a little on the large/long side for a x42 binocular. When set for my eyes, the width of the barrels meant there simply wasn’t space between them for my fingers to get a true wrap-around grip (this won’t be an issue if you have a wider IPD (inter-pupillary distance) setting). In some situations the image seemed a little too contrasty to my eyes, feeling a little unnatural.

Price: €1,084.00

Rating: Highly Recommended

Check out the Passion HD 10×42 on the German Precision Optics website.

Read our full review of the Passion HD 10×42 here.


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