Hawke Frontier HDX Binocular

The Hawke Frontier HDX 8×32 offers exceptional value in a mid-size binocular, with its impressive blend of high-end features, superb build quality and excellent optical performance at a price in the lower-mid-range segment. It would make an ideal upgrade for someone looking for a serious birding and wildlife binocular on a tight budget. Price Range: Mid (€200-€500) NB. For products made available via other online merchants, we receive a small commission on sales that helps us keep Ireland’s Wildlife running — thanks for your support.

Pros: Outstanding build quality, excellent optics and superb ergonomics in a very affordable package. Image is crisp, bright and clear in the centre of the field, with plenty of detail and good contrast.

Cons: Softening around the field edges is noticeable when panning with a moving subject or scanning a large area and can be a little distracting. While the HD handles chromatic aberration admirably for a non-ED binocular, it is visible in some high contrast scenes.

Price: RRP €369 at time of writing / £250 via Amazon.co.uk

Value: Outstanding

Rating: Highly Recommended

The Frontier HDX is, very simply, a Non-ED version of Hawke’s flagship Frontier EDX range. As such the HDX shares many characteristics with its high-performance sibling, but at a significantly reduced price point. If you’re on a budget the Frontier HDX offers the same outstanding build quality, superb ergonomics and excellent optics (without the ED Glass, of course) and delivers exceptional all-around performance for the price. The 8×32 configuration we tested here is a wonderfully compact and portable binocular. It would make a fantastic second pair for travel, or for carrying with you when a larger pair of bins simply isn’t practical. It would also make a very capable primary birding and wildlife binocular if you’re looking for something lightweight in terms of both bulk and budget.

Check out the full specs and information on the Hawke Frontier HDX 8×32 on the Hawke UK website.


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