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Have you seen a dormouse in Ireland?

Hazel Dormouse IrelandIf you have, then researchers at NUI Galway want to hear from you.

The hazel dormouse (also know as the common dormouse) was discovered living in Ireland very recently, most likely introduced from the UK or Europe. NUI Galway is conducting a survey to discover where they can be found and how many there are in the country — and the team needs your help to track down this most recent addition to Ireland’s mammalian fauna.

You can contact the team on [email protected], by telephoning 086-0660208 or by visiting the dedicated Dormouse Survey Ireland Facebook Page.

For more information on the hazel dormouse check out this page on Wikipedia and this one on Arkive.

(Photo  by Hugh Clarke via the Dormouse Survey Ireland Facebook page)


  • Hi all, On the Hazel dormouse – I found one dead 2 weeks ago and met one alive on my stairs on Sunday morning. its there any guidelines on getting rid of them – I’m afraid i have an infIestation of them in the house.

  • R.J. Moriarty

    Hi Kevin,

    I was never aware that a dormouse has reddish colours; it does make for an interesting creature in its own right.
    Given that it is an introduced animal, it does beg the question on whether the dormouse should be eradicated from the country before it takes a real hold!
    Then again, cats are also an introduced species.

    B. rgds.
    R. J.

  • Kevin Brady

    I saw a ready coloured mouse in my shed recently, I’m now told it was a door mouse and I should report the sighting. I have never seen one before it popped out of a bag of rubbish I was lifting. I got a fair good look at it but cannot confirm if it has a bushy tail,
    id be grateful for your thoughts. PS I have cats

    Kind regards
    Kevin Brady
    087 1375222

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