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Incredible photograph of blue whales in Irish waters

Blue whales photographed off Ireland's south coast

Two blue whales cruise the waters 80-100 nautical miles off Ireland’s south coast

The Irish Air Corps captured some phenomenal images last week when they encountered fin whales and two incredibly rare blue whales in Irish waters near the continental shelf edge about 80-100 nautical miles off Ireland’s south coast.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group’s recently refurbished research vessel, Charlie Haughey’s former yacht,  the Celtic Mist, was also in the area on her maiden research and training voyage.

What a result for the IWDG crew on their first trip out — 11 cetacean species in all, and blue whales to cap off what must have been a phenomenal experience all-round.

The IWDG is currently looking for offshore cetacean monitoring volunteers. It’s not a role everyone would relish, but if you have, or are prepared to acquire the necessary certifications it’s a chance to see some amazing marine wildlife — and with blue whales out there in Irish waters… who knows?

Photo Credit: AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Irish Defence Forces 


  • Jo Twomey

    Awesome photos!!! Would love to have the time to do cetaceans monitoring!!!
    Great shots Irish Air Force.

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