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Spring Alive: help track spring’s progress through Europe

Record your spring bird sightings on Spring AliveWith the early arrival of spring making headlines it looks like the Spring Alive website is back in action again.

Every year Spring Alive tracks the progress of spring across Europe by asking people from across the continent to submit sightings of migrating spring birds – icons of seasonal change like the Swallow, Cuckoo and Swift.

To get involved all you have to do is your eyes on the skies for the arrival of these signature species (if you see a white stork or a bee eater in Ireland be sure to let us know Winking smile ) log on to the Spring Alive website and record your earliest sightings of each.

The spring alive team collate and analyse data from across Europe, and compare them with historical data to plot trends. Your sightings contribute to potentially valuable insight on how broader environmental factors, including climate change, are affecting bird migration.

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